Compliance Monitoring

In Partnership With MCP Insight

Premium Services that will provide you with all of the additional resources you require to maximise your DCB revenue stream.

Risks and Trends

MCP identifies any developing risks and trends in the market before they happen, being pro-active as oppose to re-active helps combat any direct impacts on your services.


MCP offer advice on how to resolve specific compliance, security or fraud issues and broader industry challenges. This takes away the workload internally reducing overhead costs.


MCP provide insights around any compliance issues. We can support you in understanding and resolving these issues. 

Service Audits

MCP will carry out regular service audits to identify and resolve issues before they effect consumers or carriers resulting in increased CS and consumers LTV.

Included in our range of premium services is a Compliance Monitoring solution provided in partnership with MCP Insight.

Compliance Monitoring is required by regulators to ensure that the quality of advertising, acquisition and services remains at the highest possible standard. The market regularly changes and there is a lot to be taken into consideration when launching and maintaining new services from a compliance perspecive. By partnering with us and MCP Insight (who are are industry experts with a wealth of specialist technology and experience at their disposal) you can be confident in the service you provide without having to use additional time and resources to monitor it yourself.

By being one of the only aggregators in the UK market to work directly with a compliance monitoring partner, we are assisting you in demonstrating to carriers that we are committed to delivering only the best quality services in an environment that is free of risk for your consumer!

Introducing MCP Insight

MCP are market intelligence and compliance specialists with operations across Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East. 

Their reputation for ensuring the exercise of compliance monitoring remains at the forefront of clients’ online strategies has been key to their growth. 

They were established by successful entrepreneurs who have experience in the carrier billing industry, having previously worked with all levels of the value chain. They understand the value of brand protection, regulatory compliance and consumer protection, whilst still helping clients make money.


How It Works

Once live with MCP they will begin monitoring services immediately. 

Where any non-compliant items are found these shall be reported to you directly by MCP for resolution, via their portal, within 48 hours.  Where an item is not resolved within 48 hours the item shall be escalated to us, we will discuss the matter with you directly to ensure effective resolution of the item. Items of a serious nature (such as risks of fraudulent subscription) will be escalated immediately to both of us.

We will receive weekly reports of all items reported (both open and closed) and monthly data which shall feed into the KPI Framework. We will also receive monthly overviews of the DCB market based on findings across the industry in that month, from which we will develop guidance on best practice to avoid developing trends and practices of concern. These will be shared with you for full transparency.  These shall be communicated to you via the Compliance Updates system (for risks to be avoided) or Account Managers (for optimisation recommendations).

You Will Receive

  • Direct access to MCP Net which gives you crucial data around advertising and service compliance issues. 
  • MCP Net provides an online portal which allows them to identify and notify you of any issues which you can then rectify. 
  • Option for trusted flow certification 
  • MCP’s black/white lists program enabling access to actively curated crowd-sourced lists of sites and placements assessed as inappropriate for service advertising (such as children’s apps)

Because we believe so strongly in the benefit of bringing MCP on board, we can introduce you to them personally for a direct partnership, by going direct with MCP you will gain access to the additional following information;

  • Affiliate tracking & recording
  • Benchmarking competition
  • Emerging market trends
  • Compliance health check
  • Top trending brands and service tests
  • Industry/competitor AD flows broken down by sector/network/billing method/affiliate/brand