Customer Support

Helping keep your customers happy

Our universal Customer Support solution enables customers to get in touch with local language agents 24/7 regarding any queries they have surrounding a service.


Easy and simple consumer experience

We ensure we don’t use any jargon, and everything is easy to understand.

Global reach/Local approach

Covering many territories, we adhere to local regulations and your local language.

Responsive customer service 24/7

Round the globe and round the clock – our customer service is available 24 hours a day.

We can provide a Customer Support solution with multiple call centres across the territories that we operate in. We will ensure the agents in all of the call centres are trained on your services and are ready to answer any questions customers may have. We can guarantee a great experience for your customers while adhering to local regulations and local language, with no set up or ongoing effort on your part! Your customers will be able to get in touch through a variety of channels including interactive voice response (IVR), email, web chat and social media. Our solution is scalable, just like your service. We can set up Customer Support for you in new territories in a matter of days.

We want our Customer Support solution to help you improve on your service and customer satisfaction. By using our solution and taking on our Business Intelligence service, you get all of your CS data in one place. This makes it easier for you to understand the areas you may need to improve on and areas you excel in. This helps in supporting the ongoing development of your service without you having to export the data and set up and integrate your own reporting tool.

CS Lite

Our Customer Support solution also integrates with our CRM Platform, CS Lite. CS Lite allows agents to review customer queries and requests and act where relevant. Agents are able to view all transactions relating to a customer’s mobile phone number, they then have the ability to unsubscribe and refund customers from subscriptions, alerts and transactions. Agents also have the ability to escalate queries directly to you when required, ensuring there is always a resolution to keep your customers happy!

Customer Support Functions

Customer relationship management solution

Social Media channel solution

Refund (where Refund API is integrated)

Ticketing Solution

Web Portal / Mobile web self-help solution (CS Lite)

IVR solution

SMS Solution for NPS/CSAT

SMS Solution to update customers

Territories Covered

The customer support solution provides global coverage, an example of the support availability can be seen below. Further countries are available upon request.