Last week, on Monday 31st October, INFOMEDIA hosted the Middle East Summit, as part of INFOMEDIA’s Global Payments Series, at the Westin Hotel, Dubai.

The invitation-only event brought together industry leaders from high value IP owners, MNO’s, regulators and payment intermediaries, aiming to explore the vast opportunities available for Mobile Payments within the Middle East.

Speakers included Intel Security, WWE, Napster, Real Networks, Empello and Mondia Media, covering key topics around driving mobile consumer engagement, developing digital services for mobile consumption, ensuring sustainable VAS services, optimising PC services for mobile, competing for consumers in the mobile arena and more.

WWE Mobile Content

Here’s a rundown of the key takeaways from the day:

1. UAE has 7x higher DCB EUS per person than the UK

The UAE boasts one of the highest DCB end user spend per person at £14.60 – that’s almost 7 times higher than the UK. This is largely due consumers’ trusting their mobile network providers more than banks in the region, alongside the active role telco’s in the region are playing in educating consumers on “DCB”.

Michael Tomlins, CEO at INFOMEDIA


2. Egypt growth has doubled since April 2016

The “DCB” arena in Egypt is absolutely booming, with the number of services available and revenue doubling since April 2016. Video content and games are the most popular subscription services in the territory.

Scott Weeman, Managing Director of Middle East and Africa at Mondia Media



Monitoring and managing the regulations set out by MNO’s and regulatory bodies is fundamental, to avoid the CPA “race to the bottom”.  By creating a level playing field, digital merchants can compete on their product offering and quality, as oppose to their ability to trick consumers into subscribing.

Jeremy Flynn, Director at Empello

Empello Compliance

4. Deliver convenience, win truly engaged users

Mobile is an increasingly popular platform for music consumption. However, mobile shouldn’t be the only focus to drive increased levels of engagement. Making a user’s playlist easily accessible in every single part of their day-to-day lives is key to driving truly engaged consumers. Napster’s partnerships with major car manufacturers, including Porsche, BMW and Audi, delivers music to the user as easily as turning on their favourite radio station! Leading to greater loyalty, consumption and user retention.

Allen Dickson, Vice President EMEA at Real Networks


5. Social media drives greater consumption 

Social media is a huge channel for WWE to engage with fans around the clock, boasting an impressive 675 million social subscribers to talk to. Social listening and responding with real-time ‘snackable’ clips is key to driving consumer engagement.

David Jarvis, Senior Director, International Digital Media at WWE


6. We're more connected than ever - security is a concern

By 2020 it is estimated that a typical household will have over 50 connected devices, averaging at over 6 devices per person. Security is however fast becoming one of the top concerns and trends of loT, with 64% of users believing that “being hacked” is a fear of living in a smart home.

Intel Security’s McAfee Multi Access product now offers a convenient subscription and payment experience to mobile consumers in the UK via our Mobile Payments platform.

Mohammed Faizal, Consumer Partner & Retail Manager (MENA) at Intel Security

Intel Security

7. Evolution is key!

RealTimes started its life as a PC product. However, with the changing behaviour of consumers and the desire for instant sharing, the video and photo application has become much more mobile-centric; leaving its desktop version free for “heavy-lifting” duties only.

Allen Dickson, Vice President EMEA at Real Networks

Infomedia's Global Payments Series is coming to london

Due to huge success of the Middle East Summit, INFOMEDIA will be announcing its next Global Payments Series event imminently. Being held in London, we aim to explore the next generation of Carrier Billing in the UK, with a focus on how emerging use cases, such as parking, ticketing and insurance, can adopt “DCB” to deliver enhanced payment experiences to consumers. Please register your interest by filling in the form below. 

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