Business Intelligence Platform

Maximise your success with DCB

A DCB-specific reporting and analytics tool that we have developed and made available with all of the data you require to report and improve on your service performance.

Relevant Data

All the DCB-specific data you need, all in one place.

Export Reports

Directly into Microsoft Excel.

Personalised log in credentials

Ensuring your data is safe and secure.

View data all in one currency.

Based in Microsoft PowerBI platform

Widely available format.

Optimise your marketing

Using billing insights and analytics.

Discover your customers lifecycle

From acquisition to churn.


Loaded with your billing data in visual formats.

We have linked to multiple sources of data and analytics over a 12-month period to build and configure a platform that is not only easy to use but contains data that is relevant to your service and the broader industry. You could set up your own business intelligence platform, however this requires a lot of time and resource. You will first need to compile the relevant data across a significant time period, analyse and understand it and then export it into a programme where it can be viewed and analysed. We have already taken the time to do this and made the platform available for you to use ASAP to start maximising your DCB revenue stream.

We have the capability in house to help you understand and dissect the data. We can also provide on-site training to ensure you fully understand and benefit from the platform.

Our applications have been built using the reporting and analytics package Qlik. The applications have been used to create a user-friendly dashboard, giving you easy access to the information you need to support the operation and improvement of your services.

The Data

You will access to a variety of data form EUS, to reminders and LTV. You will find below the functions available to you when you sign up.

Acquisitions CS Data Messaging
Acquisition Completed MOM Net Change  7 Day Un-subscriptions  Refunds  Reminders
First Bill Success  Base Net Change  7 Day Average Acquisition  Customer Calls  Churn Rate
 Contacts as % of user base  Total email & call contact  Total User Contacts  % of abandoned phone calls  Welcome & reminder message success
 No. of refund requests  SMS/CS Lite Un-subscription Request  Full refunds vs. partial vs. refused    

Customer Lifecycles

The platform will give you a complete view of your customers lifecycle from subscription, to reminders and churn.

The data can then be used to understand where the most drop offs happen and where you as a business can focus your efforts in order to improve on your service and unsubscribe rates. We are on hand to help you with this because we want your service to succeed as much as you do.