Hosted Pages

Allowing you to monetise on mobile with a much quicker route to market

Hosted Pages Overview


“Our hosted pages will improve quality, control, efficiency and time to market for all stakeholders.” 


Merchants will now be given the option of using our hosted landing and payments pages in order to reduce their time to market and operational overhead. The pages will be built by us but designed by you ensuring a uniform brand experience from service to payment.

We are using industry best practice to design a compliant framework of landing and payments pages (on a carrier-specific basis) to improve quality, customer satisfaction and conversion for the benefit of the end user. All hosted services will utilise this framework.

Hosted payment pages are the easiest way to keep up with new compliance regulations benefiting both our Carriers and our Merchants.

Merchant Benefits at a Glance

Less development effort:         Just furnish us with your collateral and we will launch your pages, allowing you to focus on your content and marketing.

Reduce operational overhead: When regulators or carriers make changes, we will implement them immediately so there is minimal effort on your part.

Launch more services: We have frameworks for all the territories in which we operate, you can launch in as many places as you like, as quickly as your marketing budget allows.

Deliver a great end user experience: The use of best practice, insights and a focus on usability will delight your customers (and keep Google happy!).

Carrier Benefits at a Glance

Control: Management of the framework in a single place will ensure greater control over the pages that are served to end-users and will deliver the best possible customer satisfaction.

Immediate updates: Regulatory changes and carrier guidance can be implemented for all services simultaneously at the touch of a button.

Efficiency and reduced time to market: Because all services conform to the same framework, product approval timeframes should be minimised/eliminated.

Insights: We will be able to collate more data about flows and their impacts on conversion and customer satisfaction, allowing us to make continuous improvements.

The Detail

When you wish to launch new services (or migrate existing ones) simply use our portal to update the pre-prepared wireframes and we will launch and maintain the landing and payments pages. Initially this approach is likely to make most sense in countries where you wish to trial or for smaller territories, however we are happy to provide as little or as much support as you need.

We will notify you of any changes to flows being imposed by carriers or regulators with a 24-hour notice period. This is because the changes may effect conversion rates and/or require, changes to advertising as well.

If you provide any additional/updated creative for your pages as and when you like and we will turn this around in 48 hours.We also support all standard tracking tools and so there will be no detriment to you existing marketing operations.

We also support all standard tracking tools and so there will be no detriment to you existing marketing operations.



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