Local Testing

Test Your Services Across Multiple Territories

Guarantee your services will work as expected in chosen markets and according to your specific requirements.


Test whether content can be accessed and displayed properly from mobile devices in different countries.

Instant Access

Simply log in with a username and password and gain easy access to multiple SIM Cards across 6 territories.

Competitor Analysis

Use the testing platform for market research purposes by testing the functionality of competitors’ services from an end user perspective.

Being at the forefront of the DCB market, we know testing new and live services across multiple territories can be an expensive and time consuming task. Without having ‘feet on the ground’ in each specific country, it is difficult to capture the real end user experience. It is also difficult to determine exactly how the service and payment process will function in specific territories. You will need to consider how different languages and alphabets are displayed from market-to-market. A fault in content may result in users abandoning the service.

Ordinarily, businesses may have to fly out to specific countries, buy a local SIM Card and test services while on the ground. As you can imagine, the costs, convenience and time this requires can be substantial. 

As part of our mission to provide seamless DCB, we have developed a Local Testing platform that allows you to simply log into a pre-defined application on a regular basis and test your services across multiple territories to ensure functionality. You can then pin point any issues an end user may experience when operating the service and correct them ASAP.

How It Works

You will access the SIM Cards via the Teamviewer application either on PC/Phone. 

The application will be accessible via a secure username and password provided by us. A user guide with screenshots will be supplied with further instructions.

You will be provided with testing slots by the hour of your choosing, these can be selected using our booking solution Service Desk Plus. We will provide you with the relevant log in credentials and a step by step guide explaining how to book your slot. 


Territories Covered

We have connections and test SIM’s in multiple territories across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and North and South America. We are constantly working to improve our services and will be expanding on supported territories on a regular basis. Specific territories are available upon request.