We can help you to provide a seamless checkout experience to a global audience with one simple, non-technical integration.

We offer a range of services that mean you can experience the benefits of DCB with almost zero operational impact on your business.

Comes as Standard

Provides clients with the basics to access DCB functionality. We manage the commercial, technical and financial processes between the brand and the carrier.


Comes as Standard

Our Comes as Standard service provides you with everything you need to get up and running with DCB.


Account Management

We have a team of experienced account managers who will be made available to you upon signing of the contract.

Carrier Management

We will work with each carrier on your behalf to gain approval and sign off for your service.

Technical Integration & Connectivity

We will handle the integration of both you as a brand and your services.

Service Management

We are responsible for ensuring your services are performing as thye should be on an ongoing basis.

Compliance Inc. Security and Fraud Management

We understand what is required from regulators and the wider industry with regard to compliant services and a high-quality user experience.

Checkout Pages

Our Checkout Pages solution will make it easier for you to launch new services at a much quicker rate and with reduced costs.

Business Intelligence

We can provide a DCB specific reporting and analytics tool enabling you to maximise your business success.

Payments and Settlement

Our finance team are responsible for efficiently processing payments and settlements for your services.

The Infomedia Network

The Infomedia Network extends our payment offering to the provision of a network of marketing partners that enable you to extend your reach into non-core markets. Our expert partners will market your digital product on your behalf in return for a share of the revenues generated, meaning that you can enter new markets without extending your marketing budget or needing to recruit local expertise.