Supporting the findings of Watchdog

Friday 25th May 2018

The most recent episode of BBC One’s Watchdog featured a segment on unwanted mobile phone bill charges. The programme focused on two specific case studies in which consumers had unknowingly signed up to weekly/monthly subscriptions. Despite these specific consumers having a negative experience, the programme was able to shed light on the great work that the industry is doing in introducing extra security measures to avoid accidental sign ups. The show also talked about the positive features of using Direct Carrier Billing to sign up to high quality services, such as the ease and convenience of being able to charge a transaction to your mobile phone bill with as little as one click.

Working together to protect customers

We have been working closely with EE and other key stakeholders to implement best practice in ensuring consumers are protected at all times. Watchdog singled out the great work EE have carried out in adding either an on-screen PIN or username/password to the checkout pages of services to help prevent consumers unknowingly making purchases.

Hearing from the experts

The U-Switch expert who featured on the show commented on how Direct Carrier Billing is still an ideal payment due to its simplicity and convenience. To identify and avoid unwanted charges, they also advised consumers to look out for text message reminders that include any information around services and charges, the chances are they are not spam and they provide customers with information about how to unsubscribe. There are also extra measures customers themselves can put into place such as billing bars through the carrier, however this can stop them be able to access other services that they want to use.

In conclusion

We support the recommendations suggested by Watchdog and will continue to work with the industry to improve processes and practices to ensure Direct Carrier Billing remains a safe and seamless payment solution.


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