The Infomedia Network

Providing more than just a payment solution

We can work with carriers and marketing partners to extend your reach into non-core markets to ensure your brand and services are marketed and promoted. This enables you to reach more customers globally without having to use your own budget or internal resources.


We will pitch your content to both our carriers and marketing partners. Our carriers will agree to roll out your brand in regions agreed. The marketers will use their budget to market the product for you.

01No need for big marketing budgets – The marketing partners have this covered!

02Both our carriers and our marketers can help extend your global reach.

03Our network gives you security. We trust our carriers and marketers to carry your brand.

04The network offers you expert advice from all corners – right through from negotiations to roll out.


We will pitch to you high level content directly from our brands, the marketing partners will market the content to ensure higher revenue shares for all parties.

01We will only bring you the highest quality content that we believe is worthy of promoting on your network.

02The marketers will ensure the brands you carry are marketed so you don’t have to allocate any additional budget.

03One set of reporting and revenue will be provided by us for multiple territories, so you can monitor how well the promotions are working.

04We will negotiate the terms with all parties on your behalf ensuring you get the best commercial terms and revenue shares.


We will present to you high level content from our brands to enable you to do what you do best, market!

01We will only partner with quality brands making it easy for you to market their services.

02We will negotiate the commercial terms to ensure you receive a higher revenue share.

03Thanks to our relationships with the carriers we can help encourage partner carrier promotions.

04Working with the best brands gives the freedom of flexible checkout flows meaning we can choose the right one to increase acquisition.