Checkout Pages

Minimise costs and time to market

Our Checkout Pages solution will make it easier for you to launch new services at a much quicker rate and with reduced costs.

Less Development

Simply log in and create the pages you want, we will launch your pages, allowing you to focus on your content and marketing.

Reduce Operational Overheads

When carriers make changes, we will implement them immediately so you don’t have to.

Launch More Services

We have frameworks for all the territories in which we operate, you can launch in as many places as you like.

Customer Tracking

You will be able to provide Java URLs in the GUI allowing you to track exactly where your customer has come from.

Deliver A Great End User Experience

The use of best practice, insights and a focus on usability will delight your customers (and keep Google happy!).

Checkout Pages GUI

Our checkout pages GUI has been designed specifically for non-techs allowing anyone in the business to simply log in and build your pages.

In order to run DCB, you will need to create a new, specific payment page per service; this may also be different by carrier. With our extensive DCB industry knowledge, we already know what is expected by carriers in terms of compliant and user-friendly payment pages. We have used industry best-practice to design a framework of landing and payments pages (on a carrier-specific basis) to improve quality, customer satisfaction and conversion for the benefit of the end user. All pages will utilise this framework whilst still allowing you the freedom to tailor impactful designs to maximise your conversion.

By using our Checkout Page solution you can build, approve and go live with new services in minutes! This means you can launch more services in a shorter time with little or no hassle.

Our Checkout Pages solution also allows us to host your services. We can ensure with our hosting that your service will have reduced latency, increased operability and 24/7 service management. If anything goes wrong, we are on hand to fix it! We will provide necessary technical aspects such as user detection, consent to charge and clickjacking prevention. Our Checkout Pages can guarantee and prove to carriers that your services are compliant and are using best practice to protect consumers while managing security and fraud.

Through the solution we will manage any minor changes implemented by carriers roll these out as a bulk update. Any major updates will be managed through a process of redesign through the GUI which we will assist you with, this will then be reaccredited and live again in minutes!

How It Works

Our Checkout Pages framework gives you the freedom to fully customise a flow of acquisition pages, providing a seamless brand experience for the end user.

In addition to payment pages, we can also host privacy pages, contact pages and terms and conditions pages. 

There are a number of aspects for each wireframe that can be adjusted to suit your company requirements (depending on the payment flow identified by the carrier). The templates supplied give you as much freedom as regulation allows to build your services.

We have created our GUI (Graphical User Interface) specifically for ‘Non-Techs’ allowing anyone in your business the ability to log in and create your pages to your business specifics. The GUI will be accessible with a secure log in username and password that we will supply. Once logged in, you will be met with a friendly interface where you can pick a specific carrier, service and a flow of payment pages. You will be able to start building your pages and go live within minutes.

Building Your Pages

Building your landing and payment pages couldn’t be more simple. We will provide log in details to our GUI where you will be met with a home screen giving you the ability to view the various carriers and templates available. Simply choose the carrier you require and instantly start building your pages. 

The whole process can be complete within a matter of minutes enabling you to go live with your service on the same day. 

Lets Get Technical

Our Checkout Pages provide a number of technical aspects already built into the platform to help you manage and maintain your service to the highest of standards.

01User Detection

02Consent to Charge (CTC)

03ClickJacking Prevention

04Passthrough Parameters

05Ad Tracking Inclusion

06Anti-Acquisition Fraud Function